What is Therapy?

Counselling and Therapy provide the opportunity to explore issues that are troubling you in a supportive environment. It is usually short term with a fixed number of sessions and an aim in mind. A major part of the work involves you carrying out tasks to enable you to become your own therapist.

At Doorways Counselling, I firmly believe that offering you a compassionate, non-judgmental and safe environment gives you an opportunity to trust your own experience and feelings. This provides a solid framework from which healing some of the deepest wounds experienced in life can begin to take place, as you gradually become more robust and able to access your own resources.

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Who is therapy for?

  In short, it is for everyone who is open to exploring their choices. We all have times in our lives when things aren’t going well. It may be a single event, like a relationship break-up, or bereavement.  It might be something unresolved from our past. It might just be a feeling of not living life to the full. Often it becomes clear that we are ‘stuck’ and cannot move forward alone.

Doorways Counselling, Dudley, West Midlands

How can therapy help?

People come to therapy for many different reasons.


Feeling depressed, anxious or confused;

Finding relationships difficult, or facing/dealing with relationship breakdown;

Dissatisfied with work, relationships or lifestyle;

Dealing with problems in harmful ways, e.g. eating disorders, alcohol abuse etc;

Facing life changes such as illness, loss or bereavement.

Therapy provides an opportunity to talk in confidence about these or any other concerns you may have. The emphasis is on helping you to find your own answers within a safe and accepting environment.


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