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Where you are now is part-way on a journey. You may be at a doorway in your life facing choices about which way to go. Do you move forward and up, take a turn to one side, retrace your steps, or stay where you are? Therapy provides the opportunity for us to explore and take in the view together, to enable you to find your way.

My name is Alex Proudfoot and I work as a therapist in private practice in Central Manchester, and surrounding districts. I also offer webcam sessions for English speaking clients worldwide. I am an advanced therapist and offer short term therapy in which to explore a specific area of your life.

Taking that first step to ask for help can be difficult, so this website is intended to explain a little about what therapy is and the process involved, to help you decide whether working with me might be helpful to you.

Talk to someone who cares

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a situation.  As a qualified and experienced therapist, I can help you talk through the problem, identifying the reason for these feelings and helping you to make meaningful change so that you can move forward.

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